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Capital of Brazil: Brazil States and Capitals

Capital and Currency of Brazil

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil and the seat of government of Brazil. The city was built on 21st April 1960 by President Juscelino Kubitschek to construct a new federal capital. Before Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro was the capital city of Brazil. But Salvador was the first capital of the country. In 1763, Rio de Janeiro replaced Salvador and remained capital city till 1960.  The main reason for moving the capital to Brasilia was having capital close to the country’s central region.

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Brasilia is also one declared UNESCO world heritage site. Its main features are beautiful modern planning and architecture. It was also called the City of Design in 2017. Since 1960, the city is the centre of legislative, executive, and judiciary branches of the federal government. It is also a house of 124 foreign embassies in the country. The city has hosted many famous sports events like the Summer Olympics 2016 and 2014 FIFA World Cup.

capital of brazil currency

Brazil Currency

Apart from being a federal capital, Brasilia is also a centre of the economy. It accommodates a variety of industries related to commercial, industrial, agricultural as well as hospitality sectors. The currency of Brazil is real. Currently, the currency of Brazil equals to 13.65 Indian Rupees. It equals to 5.6 US Dollars. Apart from the capital city Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the largest cities. The country is home to the Amazon rainforests and accommodates several eco-tourism spots. The country is highly diversified in terms of climate as well as population. Though mainly a tropical country, it has different climatic conditions like oceanic, subtropical, and desert.

List of Brazilian States and Capitals

Here is a complete list of the states and capitals in Brazil. The states are federal subdivisions having restricted autonomy.

    State Capital
1 Acre Rio Branco
2 Alagoas Maceio
3 Amapa Macapa
4 Amazonas Manaus
5 Bahia Salvador
6 Ceara Fortaleza
7 Distrito Federal Brasilia
8 Espirito Santo Vitoria
9 Golas Goiania
10 Maranhao Sao Luis
11 Mato Grosso Cuiaba
12 Mato Grosso do Sul Campo Grande
13 Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte
14 Para Belem
15 Paraiba Joao Pessoa
16 Parana Curitiba
17 Pernambuco Recife
18 Plaui Teresina
19 Rio de Janerio Rio de Janeiro
20 Rio Grande do Norte Natal
21 Rio Grande do Sul Porto Alegre
22 Rondonia Porto Velho
23 Roraima Boa Vista
24 Santa Catarina Florianopolis
25 Sao Paulo Sao Paulo
26 Sergipe Aracaju
27 Tocantins Palmas

Neighbouring Countries of Brazil

Brazil has a long coastline with the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern side. It is the largest nation in Latin and South America. Being the world’s fifth-largest country by land area, it borders all the countries of the continent except Chile and Ecuador.

Following are the neighbouring countries of Brazil:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • French Guiana
  • Guyana
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Suriname
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

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Official language of France

Official Language of Brazil

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Brazil is the only American nation speaking Portuguese. The neighbouring countries are mostly Spanish speaking. The strong colonial relation with Portugal has resulted in the development of Portuguese in this country. Though Portuguese is the main language in Country, there are many other languages spoken as well. The European immigrants speak Germany, Spanish, and Italian languages.

There is no single native language known in the region. Many Amerindian languages were spoken before the Portuguese rule. Several African languages were also spoken in the country. There were languages derived from Tupian language spoken by Tupian tribes. Tupian is said to have inhabited the coastline before Portuguese arrived. Also, most of the Amerindian languages became extinct over some time. However, the influence of various Amerindian languages is seen on Portugal spoken in Brazil.

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National Holidays in Brazil 2023

Brazil is famous for the grand Carnival celebrations and several football events. Here is a complete list of the public holidays of Brazil.

Holiday Date and Day  
New Year Day 1st January 2023, Sunday

Ash Wednesday
20th February, Monday
21st February, Tuesday

22nd February, Wednesday until 2 PM
Good Friday 7th April 2023, Friday
Tiradentes Day 21st April 2032, Friday
Labour Day 1st May 2023, Monday
Corpus Christi 8th June 2023, Thursday
Independence Day 7th September 2023, Thursday
Our Lady of Aparecida 12th October 2023, Thursday
All Souls Day 2nd November 2023, Thursday
Republic Day 15th November 2023, Wednesday
Black Consciousness Day 20th November 2023, Monday
Christmas Day 25th December 2023, Monday

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The dates of Carnival and Black Consciousness Day are subject to change. We will update them as and when any change is notified. Find information on the official languages of various countries including Italy, Spain, France, and Switzerland on our blog.

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