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Capital of Russia: Capital City of Russia

Russia Capital and Currency: Official Languages

Moscow is the capital of Russia at present and also the largest city in the country. Moscow is located on Moskva River and known as one of the largest cities in the world. It is also the most populous city in Europe as per the land area. Though Moscow is the original capital city, it ceased to be so for a short time in history. St. Petersburg was the capital city of Russia before Moscow was resumed as the governmental seat.

In 1712, the capital city was moved to Saint Petersburg. Again in 1918, on the 12th of March Moscow became the capital of the Soviet state. Since then and even after the dissolution of USSR, Moscow is the capital of Russia. provides information related to the capital cities of the world. Some of the most famous are Washington DC, Canberra, Wellington, Madrid, Berne, Berlin, and New Delhi in India.  Browse our website to know the capital of New Zealand before Wellington.

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capital of russia

Russia Capital and Currency: Capital of Russia

The Russian ruble is also known as rouble is the Russian currency. The ruble was also the currency of USSR or the Soviet Union. Today, the currency is used by Russia, Transnistria, and Belarus. In 1993, the Russian Ruble replaced the Soviet Ruble.

After the disintegration of USSR in 1991, Soviet ruble was used until 1992. New coins banknotes were issued in 1993.  Currently, 1 US Dollar is equal to 76 Russian rubles approximately. The last leader of the USSR or the Soviet Union was Mikhail Gorbachev.

Official Language of Russia

The official language of Russia is Russian and it is also the only official language of the state. However, individual republics are free to have their languages besides the Russian language. Russia speaks more than 100 languages though Russian is the most widely spoken language in the country. Russian is also the next largest language used on the internet next to English.

Out of many languages, 35 languages are officially recognized in different republics. They belong to Caucasian, Uralic, Mongolic, and other families of languages. Here is a list of languages of Russia which are officially recognized in different republics of the state.

  1. Abaza
  2. Adyghe
  3. Altai
  4. Bashkir
  5. Buryat
  6. Chechen
  7. Cherkess
  8. Chuvash
  9. Erzya
  10. Hill Mari
  11. Crimean Tatar
  12. Ingush
  13. Kalmyk
  14. Kabardian
  15. Khakas
  16. Komi
  17. Karachay-Balkar
  18. Moksha
  19. Meadow Mari
  20. Nogai
  21. Ossetic
  22. Tuvan
  23. Tatar
  24. Ukrainian
  25. Udmurt
  26. Yakut

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Neighbouring Countries of Russia

The country covers a vast area which is the largest in the world. The land area spans almost eighth of the entire inhabited land area of the planet. The country consists of as many as 11 time zones and is a neighbour to 16 nations. The international borders are shared with the following countries.

The USA and Japan share sea borders with Russia.

These are neighbouring countries (land borders) of Russia located in Europe and Asia.

  1. China
  2. North Korea
  3. Mongolia
  4. Georgia
  5. Kazakhstan
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Poland
  8. Belarus
  9. Ukraine
  10. Norway
  11. Finland
  12. Lithuania
  13. Latvia
  14. Estonia

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Public Holidays in Russia 2023

Following is a list of the holidays in Russia for 2023. The list is true as and when written. Any changes by the authorities taking place at a later date should be checked by our users.

Date and Day of Holiday Name of Holiday
1st January 2023 to 8th January 2023 New Year Holidays
7th January 2023 Orthodox Christmas Holiday
23rd February 2023
24th February 2023
Defender of Fatherland Day
Bridge Day
8th March 2023 International Women’s Day
1st May 2023 Labour Day
8th May 2023
Victory Day – Bridge Day
9th May 2023 Victory Day
12th June 2023 Day of Russia
4th November 2023 National Unity Dayf
6th November 2023 National Unity Day (in lieu) also offers information related to the capital cities of South Africa, Australia, India, and New Zealand. The website also provides a complete list of the states and union territories of India with their capital cities.

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