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Capital of Mexico: Mexico City Capital and Currency

Neighboring Countries of Mexico

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and also the largest city in the country. The city is located in the large valley of Mexico in the centre of the country. The city is known as CDMX in its abbreviated form. The city was founded by Mexico’s indigenous people and said to be built in 1325. In 1524, it was known as Mexico Tenochtitlan and came to be known as Ciudad de Mexico in 1585. Today it is the biggest metropolis in the country.

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Apart from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Toluca, Tijuana, and Ciudad Juarez are also major cities of the country. The neighbouring countries of Mexico are the United States of America, Guatemala, and Belize.  The city was a financial and administrative centre even during the Spanish rule. It became a modern federal seat in 1824 when the Spanish empire was ended. The currency of Mexico is Peso MX. The Mexican currency is also the first currency that was used globally.

capital of mexico currency

Official Language of Mexico

Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the country. However, there are several indigenous languages recognized by the state. As many as 68 groups and 354 varieties of languages are recognized by the government. Among these, Nahuatl and Yucatec Maya are the most widely spoken languages. A body known as the National Indigenous Languages Institute is responsible for protecting and promoting Mexico’s indigenous languages. Spanish, as well as indigenous languages, are given the status of national languages in the country.

Due to the presence of European immigrants, many minority languages are also spoken in the country. Apart from English, French, Venetian, and Low German are among the foreign languages spoken and taught in Mexico.

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List of States of Mexico with Capitals and Abbreviations

Here is a list of 31 Mexican states and their capitals. Mexico City is a special subdivision that does not belong to a state but the entire federation of the United Mexican States.

Sr. no. State of Mexico Abbreviation of the State Name   Capital City
1 Aguascalientes AGS Aguascalientes
2 Baja California BC Mexicali
3 Baja California Sur BCS La Paz
4 Campeche CAM Campeche
5 Chiapas CHIS Tuxtla Gutierrez
6 Chihuahua CHIH Chihuahua
7 Coahuila COAH Saltillo
8 Colima COL Colima
9 Durango DUR Durango
10 Guanajuato GTO Guanajuato
11 Guerrero GRO Chilpancingo
12 Hidalgo HGO Pachuca
13 Jalisco JAL Guadalajara
14 State of Mexico EM Toluca
15 Mexico City CDMX Mexico City
16 Michoacán MICH Morelia
17 Morelos MOR Cuernavaca
18 Nayarit NAY Tepic
19 Nuevo Leon NL Monterrey
20 Oaxaca OAX Oaxaca
21 Puebla PUE Puebla
22 Queretaro QRO Queretaro
23 Quintana Roo QR Chetumal
24 San Luis Potosi SLP San Luis Potosi
25 Sinaloa SNL Culiacan
26 Sonora SON Hermosillo
27 Tabasco TAB Villahermosa
28 Tamaulipas TAMPS Victoria
29 Tlaxcala TLAX Tlaxcala
30 Veracruz VER Xalapa
31 Yucatan YUC Merida
32 Zacatecas ZAC Zacatecas

Public Holidays 2023 Mexico

Find below the complete list of the holidays in Mexico. Also, make note that some dates may change and will be updated accordingly.

Holiday   Date Day
New Year 1st January 2023 Sunday
Constitution Day 6th February 2023 Monday
Benito Juarez Day 20th March 2023 Monday
Holy Thursday
(not an official holiday)
6th April 2023 Thursday
Good Friday 7th April 2023 Friday
Labour Day 1st May 2023 Monday
Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla (regional) 5th May 2023 Friday
Independence Day 16th Septemp. 2023Saturday
Day of Race (not a public holiday) 12th October 2023 Wednesday
All Souls Day
(not a public holiday)
2nd November 2023 Thursday
Revolution Day 20th November 2023 Monday
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
(not an official holiday)
12th December 2023Tuesday
Christmas 25th December 2023Monday

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Not all the holidays are national holidays but they are widely celebrated in the country. The feast day celebrated on the 12th December celebrates the patron saint and it is also an important holiday in the country.

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