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Capital of Netherlands: Difference Between Holland and Netherland

Capital City of Netherlands: Provinces | Capital and Currency

Capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam that is also the most populous city of the nation. Situated in the province of Northern Holland, Amsterdam is a hub for abundant economical activities. Due to a large number of canals present in the city, it is also known as the Venice of the North. Further, we have also stated the public holidays of the Netherlands for the year 2023. The capital city of Netherlands was earlier a small fishing village in 12th Century. Later on, it became an important port during the 17th Century. It is also informally known as Holland.

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The city has lots of historic canals and hence recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. The canals, coffee shops, the Van Gogh Museum, and Royal Palace of Amsterdam attracts millions of international tourists every year. The capital of the Netherlands is also famous for its vivid nightlife. There are many nightclubs in the city. The city is also famous for cycling and biking as well as for its rich artistic heritage. If you are looking for the capital of Holland or the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the right answer.

capital of netherlands holland

Currency of the Netherlands

Likewise, other European countries the current currency of the Netherlands is Euro. Before the coming of the Euro, the currency of the country was Dutch guilder. On 1st January 1999, it adopted Euro replacing its former currency also known as gulden or guilder.

The Amsterdam Stock Exchange abbreviated as AEX is one of the world’s oldest exchange. It is also one of the largest stock exchanges in Europe. Apart from Holland, 15 other European countries including Germany, Spain, and Portugal also adopted Euro currency. However, the Caribbean Netherlands uses US Dollars and not Euro. The Caribbean Netherlands refers to the islands located in the Caribbean Sea namely; Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius.

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Languages Spoken in the Netherlands

The official language of the Netherlands or Holland is Dutch. In Friesland province, West Frisian is the secondary official language after Dutch. In the Caribbean Netherlands, Papiamentu and English are the secondary official languages after Dutch. Sinte Romani and Yiddish are other languages spoken in the country.

 Dutch is also spoken in Belgium. In Belgium, it is known as Flemish. Dutch is a West Germanic language also one of the official languages of Belgium. However, Dutch is mostly known as the national language of Holland. There is a various form so Dutch spoken in the country including the standard Dutch and other dialects of the language spoken in various regions. You will also find information on languages spoken in Germany on our website.

Public Holidays in the Netherlands 2023

Here is a complete calendar of all the public holidays in the Netherlands for 2023. 

New Year Day 1st January 2023, Sunday  
Good Friday 7th April 2023, Friday
Easter Sunday 9th April 2023, Sunday
Easter Monday 10th April 2023, Monday
Kings Day 27th April 2023, Thursday
Liberation Day 5th May 2023, Friday
Ascension Day 18th May 2023, Thursday
Pentecost Sunday
Whit Monday
28th May 2023, Sunday
29th May 2023, Monday
Christmas Holiday 25th December 2023, Monday
2nd Day after Christmas
St. Stephans Day
26th December 2023, Tuesday

Though the dates shared here are true as of now, there may be changes if declared by the authorities at a later stage.

12 provinces of netherlands

12 Provinces of the Netherlands

The Netherlands consists of total of twelve provinces. Here is a list of all the provinces for your quick reference.

  1. Drenthe
  2. Frevoland
  3. Friesland
  4. Gelderland
  5. Groningen
  6. Limburg
  7. Noord Brabant
  8. North Holland
  9. Overijssel
  10. South Holland
  11. Utrecht
  12. Zeeland

Apart from the above provinces, the Caribbean Netherlands comprises of three islands. They are Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius.  Amsterdam; the capital of Netherlands is located in the North Holland province.

Difference between Holland and the Netherlands

The Netherlands is often called informally as Holland. However, the Kingdom of Netherlands is comprised of a total of 12 provinces that are collectively known as The Netherlands. But the two princes named Zuid-Holland and Noord are collectively called Holland. But in popular conversation, people use Holland when they refer to Holland. Hence the capital city of Holland and the Netherlands are one and same. 

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In 1806, Napoleon turned the country into a kingdom. It remained a kingdom after his defeat as well. During that period, the region was called Holland. Since then, Holland is commonly used to refer to the entire country of the Netherlands. Hence, the capital city of the Netherlands and Holland is Amsterdam. Also, find the capital cities of other European countries including Spain, Germany, and France.

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