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Capital of South Africa: Capital Cities of South Africa

Public Holidays in South Africa 2023

South Africa has multiple capital cities. Three cities; Cape Town, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein are capital cities of South Africa. Pretoria is an executive capital of South Africa. Bloemfontein is the judicial capital and Cape Town is the legislative capital. However, the most famous and largest city in the country is Johannesburg. Several African languages are spoken by the South African people. Further, we have provided information on the administrative capital of South Africa. The currency of South Africa is Rand also known as South African Rand.

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Pretoria being the governmental seat is the administrative capital. Cape Town; the legislative capital is the seat of Parliament. Most of the foreign embassies in South Africa are located in the executive capital of the country Pretoria. The official name of the country is the Republic of South Africa. The country is neighbored by Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Eswatini, and Botswana. The country is one of the most populous countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

capital of south africa

Provinces in South Africa with Capital Cities

In 1994, the homelands and the existing provinces of the country were divided into nine provinces. However, the borders of few provinces have been amended after this. Below is the list of the provinces of South Africa.

  Provinces Name   Capital Cities
1 Eastern Cape Bhisho
2 Free State Bloemfontein
3 Gauteng Johannesburg
4 KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg
5 Limpopo Polokwane
6 Mpumalanga Mbombela
7 North West Mahikeng
8 Northern Cape Kimberley
9 Western Cape Cape Town

The cities in South Africa have several municipalities. The name of the country is so because of its southernmost location in the continent.

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public holidays in south africa

11 Official Languages of South Africa

Here is a list stating all the 11 official languages of South Africa. The country speaks as many as 35 to 36 languages. The primary language used in state communications is English but all the official languages have an equal status in the country.

  1. Afrikaans
  2. English
  3. Ndebele
  4. Pedi
  5. Sotho
  6. Swati
  7. Tsonga
  8. Tswana
  9. Venda
  10. Xhosa
  11. Zulu

Most of the South Africans speak more than one language. Many other languages are also spoken in the country. Some of them are Siphuthi, SiNrebele, and Fanakalo.

11 official languages of south africa

Public Holidays in South Africa 2023

Since now we already know about capital and currency of South Africa and languages, let us know the public holidays. Find below a complete calendar of holidays for 2023.

Holiday / Festival   Date – Day of Public Holiday
New Year Day
New Year Deay (in lieu)
1st January 2023, Sunday
2nd January 2023, Monday
Human rights Day 21st March 2023, Tuesday
Good Friday 7th April 2023, Friday
Family Day (Easter Monday) 10th April 2023, Monday
Freedom Day 27th April 2023, Thursday
Workers Day 1st May 2023, Monday
Youth Day 16th June 2023, Friday
National Women’s Day 9th August 2023, Wednesday
Heritage Day
Heritage Day (in lieu)
24th September 2023, Sunday
25th September 2023, Monday
Day of Reconciliation 16th December 2023, Saturday
Christmas Day 25th December 2023, Monday
Day of Goodwill 26th December 2023, Tuesday

The Freedom Day on 27th April celebrates the first democratic elections in the country held on the same day in 1994.

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If any holiday or festival falls on Sunday, the country observes the holiday on the following Monday. The above list is based on the information available on the governmental website of the country. However, we recommend our readers to consider any changes that will take place at a later stage as declared by the authorities.

We are sure the information given in the post related to the currency and capital of South Africa is useful. Stay with us if you want to learn the 50 states of the USA with capitals. Also, browse our website to learn the capital cities of Switzerland, Italy, France, and Germany.

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