capital of spain currency languages

Capital of Spain – Cities Currency Official Languages

Capital City of Spain

Capital of Spain, Madrid is also the most populous and developed city of the country. Madrid is a hub for political, economic as well as cultural activities. It is the second largest cities of Europe standing next to Berlin. This beautiful city stands on the river named Manzanares. Further in this post, you will also find the official languages and currency of the country. Do not forget to know which the top cities of Spain are.

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Berlin, Zurich, Paris, Madrid, and Amsterdam are some of the top European cities. We all know the famous football club known as Real Madrid. The city is also a home to Atletico Madrid which is yet another well-known football clubs. Some of the top Spanish companies are having their main offices in this city. No wonder, the city is one of the most liveable cities of the Europe and the world.

capital of spain currency languages

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The Capital of Spain States and Currency

Find below some of the most important information about the country. As the country is the member of European Union, its currency is Euro.

Top cities of Spain –

  1. Madrid
  2. Barcelona
  3. Valencia
  4. Seville
  5. Granada

Barcelona is the major sea port of the country and one of the busiest ports of Europe. Hamburg and Rotterdam are also among the busiest ports of Europe.

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Languages Spoken in Spain

Spanish is the main official language of the country spoken by more than 70% of the population. Capital of Spain is also populated with people speaking Spanish and other languages. But very few of us are aware that Spanish is known as Castilian in the constitution of the country. It is the duty of every citizen to know Spanish. There are also other official languages of Spain that co-exist with Castilian. Below are other languages spoken in the Spain-

  1. Spanish
  2. Catalan
  3. Basque
  4. Galician
  5. Occitan

Most of the people speak Spanish while Catalan is spoken in Valencia and Balearic region. Occitan is also spoken in Catalonia.

People in tourist spots like islands and coastal Mediterranean regions also speak English and German. Communities in Galacia speak Galacian. Navarre and Basque region speaks Basque.

Must See Places in Spain

Spain offers grandeur of cathedrals as well as beauty of Mediterranean beaches. Below we have shown the top tourist attractions of the country.

  1. Costa del Sol Beaches
  2. La Sagrada Familia Church – Barcelona
  3. Alhambra Generalife Gardens – Granada
  4. Art Museums in Madrid
  5. Mosque of Cordoba
  6. San Lorenzo de El Escorial palace
  7. Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
  8. Seville Cathedral

The country offers excellent historical and architectural sites for tourists. The lovely beaches are one of the best beaches in Europe and world.

Bank Holidays in Spain 2023

The country observers religious and national holidays. Here are the main holidays and festivals of Spain. These are public holidays 2020 Barcelona and other parts of the country.

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Public Holidays in Spain 2023

Spanish Holidays / Festival   Date and Day Type of Festival/Holiday
New Year Day 2nd January 2023, Monday National Holiday
Epiphany 6th January 2023, Friday National Holiday
Andalusia Day   28th February 2023, Tuesday Regional holiday in Andalusia
Balearic Islands Day   1st March 2023, Wednesday Regional holiday in Balearic Islands
St. Joseph Day   20th March 2023, Monday Observed in Navarre, Valencia, Basque Country, Extremadura, and Murcia  
Maundy Thursday   6th April 2023, Thursday National Holiday (except Valencia and Catalonia)
Good Friday 7th April 2023, Friday National Holiday
Easter Sunday 9th April 2023, Sunday National Holiday
Easter Monday 10th April 2023, Monday   Observed In Cantabria, La Rioja, Catalonia, Navarre, Valencia, Basque Country, and Balearic Islands
Day of Aragon 23rd April 2023, Sunday Aragon
Castile & Leon Day 23rd April 2023, Sunday In Castile and Leon
Labour Day 1st May 2023, Monday National Holiday
Day of Madrid 2nd May 2023, Tuesday Holiday in Madrid
Feast of San Isidro 15th May 2023, Monday Holiday in Madrid
Galician Literature Day 17th May 2023, Wednesday Regional Holiday in Galicia
Regional holiday 30th May 2023, Tuesday Canary Islands Holiday
Regional holiday 30th May 2023, Tuesday Castile La Mancha
Corpus Christi 8th June 2023, Thursday Castile La Mancha
Day of La Rioja Day of Murcia 9th June 2023, Friday Regional in La Rioja Regional in Murcia
Feast of San Antonio 13th June 2023, Tuesday Regional in Ceuta
St. Johns Day 24th June 2023, Saturday Regional Catalonia
Eid Al Adha   29th June 2023
Regional in Melilla and Ceuta
St. James Day

National Day of Galicia
25th July 2023, Tuesday
Regional Holiday (Basque Country)

Regional in Galicia
Day of Cantabria Institutions 28th July 2023, Friday In Cantabria
Day of Our Lady of Africa 5th August 2023, Saturday Regional in Ceuta
Assumption of Mary Day   15th August 2023, Tuesday Regional in Madrid, Nelilla, Murcia, Castile La Mancha, Asturias, Galicia, and Valencia
Ceuta Day 2nd September 2023, Saturday Regional in Ceuta
Our Lady of Victories Extremadura Holiday Asturias Holiday 8th September 2023, Friday Regional Holiday in Melilla, Extremadura, and Asturias
National Day of Catalonia 11th September 2023, Monday Regional Holiday in Catalonia
Cantabria Regional Holiday 15th September 2023, Friday Regional in Cantabria
Day of Melilla 17th September 2023, Sunday Melilla
Valencia Holiday  9th October 2023, Monday Valencia
National Day of Spain (Fiesta Nacional de Espana) 12th October 2023, Thursday National Holiday
All Saints Day 1st November 2023, Wednesday National Holiday
Virgin of Almudena 9th November 2023, Thursday Madrid
San Francisco Javier 3rd December 2023, Sunday Navarre
Constitution Day 6th December 2023, Wednesday National Holiday
Immaculate Conception 8th December 2023, Friday National Holiday
Christmas Day 25th December 2023, Monday National Holiday
St Stephans Day 26th December 2023, Tuesday Regional in Catalonia

Though the above list is true to our knowledge, any changes at a later stage by the authorities should be considered by our readers. Some Spanish festivals like La Tomatina and the running of the bulls are world-famous. Capital of Spain; Madrid is a favourite tourist destination due to its sunny beaches, museums, and art galleries. Keep visiting our website to know the capital cities of all the countries of the world. We will be soon publishing the currency and languages of other European countries too.

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