capital of north korea currency

Capital of North Korea: Capital City and Currency

Top Festivals and Holidays of North Korea

Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea and also the largest city in the country. Before the formation of North Korea, the city was a capital of two ancient kingdoms. These Korean kingdoms were Goguryeo and Gojoseon. Pyongyang has faced destructions during wars with Japan and later on with South Korea. But it was revived and rebuilt both the times.

The currency of North Korea is KPW Korean Peoples won. Pyongyang, the capital city comprises buildings with traditional Korean architecture, monuments, and modern high towers. also provides information on capital and currency of South Korea. Visitors will also find information on capital cities of Europe including Paris, Bern, Berlin, Italy, and Lisbon. Complete list of union territories of India, USA, and France are also listed on our website.

capital of north korea currency

Official Language of North Korea

The Korean language is the official language of North Korea as well as South Korea. However, there are high variations in the dialect of Korean spoken in both countries. The dialect spoken in North Korea is known as Pyongyang dialect whereas South Korea speaks Seoul dialect. Some words and letters differ while writing Korean in South Korea and North Korea.

The formal name of the Korean language in North Korea is Chosono. In South Korea, it is known as Language. We have published a separate post on South Korea capital and currency. But there are many imported words in South Korean language. They are basically from English and Chinese. But this is not the case with Pyongyang Korean dialect spoken in North Korea. People in North Korea do not use loan words from other foreign languages.

Neighbouring Countries of North Korea

North Korea is a South-East Asian country consisting of the northern Korean Peninsula. Following are the bordering countries.

  1. South Korea
  2. China
  3. Russia

Japan took over Korea in 1910. The imperialism of Japan was ended in 1945 with the Second World War After the end of World War II, the country was divided into North Korea and South Korea. At the time, North Korea was under USSR and South Korea was under the United States. They remained separate countries after independence in 1958.

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Public Holidays in North Korea 2022

Before we tell you about the festivals in North Korea, here is a list of the holidays. Also, note that the dates of some festivals may vary every year.

Holiday Date   Day
New Year 1st January 2022 Saturday
Seollal – Korean New Year 1st February 2022 Tuesday
Cheongwoldaeboreum 15th February 2022 Tuesday
Birthday of Kim Jong-il 16th February 2022 Wednesday
Women’s Day 8th March 2022 Tuesday
Chungmyung Day 5th April 2022 Tuesday
Birthday of Kim II-Sung 15th April 2022 Friday
Chosun People’s Army Foundation Day 25th April 2022 Monday
International Labour Day 1st May 2022 Sunday
Chosun Children’s Union Foundation Day 6th June 2022 Monday
Day of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War 27th July 2022 Wednesday
Liberation Day 15th August 2022 Monday
Day of Songun 25th August 2022 Thursday
National Day 9th September 2022 Friday
Han’gawi Holiday 10th September 2022 Sunday
Party Foundation Day 10th October 2022 Monday
Mother’s Day 16th November 2022 Wednesday
Constitution Day 27th December 2022 Tuesday

Visiting Korea during any of the above festivals is great fun. The Korean New Year is one of the major traditional festivals. Keep visiting us to learn more about the capital cities of major European and Asian countries. is created to provide information about capital and currency as well as an official language and neighbouring countries.

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